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Again, I will really appreciate if you can give me your opinion about this to a noob. Is this a good deal? All for $675 USD shipped....

Frame - Zhi Z1, unknown year
Fork - Echo 4bolt & disc
Headset - Cane Creek S3
Cranks - Tensile 170 with bash ring
Pedals - Wellgo MG1 (not pictured)
Bottom Bracket - Try-All 127.5mm
Wheels - double wall Echo rear, single wall Trialtech SL front
Hubs - Chris King SS rear, Hope Pro II front
Tires - Continental Der Kaiser rear, Mountain King front
Brakes - Magura HS-33 rear carbon brake lever, Hope/Try-All mono trial front
Booster - Threshold
Stem & Handlebar - Trialtech Sport Forged, Trialtech Sport Riser
Grips - ESI silicon


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Since when can't you mention a bike shop on here ?? Haven't been on here in a while but has it really got this pathetic ?

Not really a mention when it's in massive letters in your sig, which brings me to this which I'm pretty sure has been here since the forum began

5. Advertising Minimum Penalty - 1 Warning Point

  • Advertising your personal site is encouraged, do this in the 'Web Site Updates' forum.
  • Advertising of other forums is NOT accepted, this is considered as very bad 'netiquette'.
  • Advertising of sites which sell products is not accepted. This includes placing links (clickable or not) in signatures, custom member titles and avatars. Trials-Forum relies on banners/paying advertisers to keep running, if you want Trials-Forum to stick around, don't annoy our current advertisers by posting links to their competitors sites.

Repeat Offenders will be warned.

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Would you also like to take the club website off my sig too ? As it's advertising ? That it MY personal site ?? Our non profit trials club ? Qualitybike.net is a sponsor not my personal website ... If that the way it is shouldn't all videos including the riders sponsors be deleted too ? Was just helping a fellow rider out to give him a guide on prices

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I'm here in the states, and like these guys say there's some nice parts but the frame is a bit older geometry.

What you other guys maybe don't know is 1gbp (1 quid?) is about 1.61 us dollars currently (two or three weeks ago actually made a purchase from tartybikes) so his $625usd is about 390gbp.

And the hubs new are almost that...

I think it sounds like a decent deal. And I payed more for my first trials bike.

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