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Hi, I have just bought my son a 2010 junior 80cc Beta trials bike, to be quite honest I don't know where to start maintaining it, never had a motorbike before, I'm after a Haynes manual type of book.of download, all I can find on any website for that year is a 2 page diagram that doesn't show all the parts, 


Many thanks 



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I'm afraid this is a cycle trials forum so you won't ge too much help here, best to try Having said that quite a few of us either used to or currently do ride mototrials so can help with bits and pieces. In terms of maintenance the primary things are regularly changing the oil, checking and cleaning the air filter, changing the plug occasionally keeping the chain in good nick and generally checking things like coolant (if it's water cooled), brake pads, chain tension, tyre pressure, head bearings etc. every so often. All in all they're pretty low maintenance though! 

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