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After running out of pure trials spots in vicinity and basically getting a bit bored of pogo sticks, but still keeping my love for high bottom brackets and rim brakes, I've decided to modify the front end of my bike so I can bunny hop and manual, but still do pure trials moves as well. Here goes...


Frame: Echo Trials 24"

Fork: Echo Urban 2011 (I think)

Front rim: Echo 2016

Front tyre: Maxxis Snyper

Front hub: Trialtech Sport Lite disc

Rear rim: Neon Single

Rear Tyre: Schwalbe Fat Albert

Rear hub: Jitsie 135HS Race

BB: Echo Urban

Freewheel: Trialtech Splined 108

Cranks: Trialtech Sport Lite

Pedals: Echo Urban platform

Stem: Trialtech forged, not sure about the dimensions but probably 80x30º, comes as standard with Inspired bikes

Handlebars: Jitsie Carbon 110mm rise, 690mm width

Front brakes: Avid Juicy, 180mm rotor

Rear brakes: Trialtech Sport lever with Echo slave cylinders and Heatsink Yellow pads


Voilà les garçons, not as sexy as Ross's Vader, but I just love how this bike feels! And if I (ever) want to go back to pure trials, All I have to do is put my old long stem back and tilt the bars waaaaaay forward :D




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