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Nice work Dave! Looks really neat and using old knackered stuff is always a win :D


I ended up taking a flap disc to my dropouts and they came out nicely. Just a little shaping to break up the industrial look...


Then I lobbed some paint on. Its impossible to get a good representation of the colour indoors using a phone, but its an orange clear coat over a coarse metal flake base. Need to order another can to finish off the orange, but I'm looking forward to seeing what its like in sunlight once the lacquer has been applied.

In theory should be like this...



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What are your thoughts on oval rings @Adam@TartyBikes? I've been running one on the geared Whyte for a while (though never noticed much difference) and now I'm not sure whether it will help or hinder on the bike now it's singlespeed... Gearing-wise as well I'm a bit unsure- it's a 32T oval ring which seems to mean itis almost like having a 30T off power and 34T on power so maybe I need to consider dropping to a 30T oval (or 32T round of course).

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Oval on singlespeed... pros and cons really! I've tried round and oval, both 32T, and bought a round for the new bike - but I wouldn't change if I already had a suitable oval already on the bike.

Pro: With oval I like the way you can 'flip' the cranks over into the next power stroke more easily when you're really grinding away at low cadence. Con: I don't like the way your power stroke effectively has a larger gear, which is the opposite of what you want. I think this also makes the bike a bit more 'lurchy', because climbing steep stuff SS is already less smooth (in terms of power application) than seated / geared.

You could go down 2 teeth to make the ratio more 'normal', but then you lose top speed for flats and downhill. When you're maxed out on cadence you don't notice the oval at all because there's not enough resistance.

Hope that rambling at least makes some sense...

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On 11/29/2021 at 9:38 PM, Adam@TartyBikes said:

Sweet! Keen to see what you think :D

I reckon it will definitely make me fitter! I'm normally a fairly 'lazy' biker, sticking it in a low gear and not really trying very hard, preferring to pop a wheelie and mess around. I've been out a couple of times and I'm definitely riding faster on it because I feel I need to maintain the momentum and keep a sensible (higher than normal) cadence. It's lovely and quiet and smooth though and I've only gone for a phantom shift a couple of times!

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