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Biketrial Camp 2018 ( Under 16's)

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Biketrial Camp 2018


Join us for a BikeTrials training camp for under 16’s, from the 20th to 25th of August 2018, based at some of the UK’s best riding venues - Bracken rocks, Dudwood Farm and the newly opened Derbyshire Biketrial Centre!


Coaching will be with 7x British Champion and former World Champion Scott Wilson, Current Minime World Champion, Adam Morewood & Multiple Spanish and European Elite Biketrial champion Raul Gutierrez, who has been a World Elite rider for over 15 years!


Joining us will be members of the Raul Gutierrez Bike Academy from Reinosa in Spain, so in addition to riding with your mates, you will be able to train, camp and make friends with overseas riders!


The camp is £390 and Includes -


  • 15 training sessions over 5 days

  • Camping and equipment

  • Food and transport

  • Goodie bag and spot prizes from camp supporters and sponsors; Jitsie, SueMe, Odlo and Bloc eyewear

  • Trip to Alton Towers!


Coaching will cover all aspects of biketrials riding, including technical skills, power moves, picking lines, bike set up, preparing for competitions, improving your competition riding and Strength and Conditioning sessions from 7x British record holder and specialist personal trainer, Yolanda Speare.


For more information and to book your place, email:

aWLLFmoD9H-wC6HjlpSu4SQQ5Ozkp66qBcxtUmRX0lUlCcCGfi6wDGQp1LE2atQI-I3kvxlqhSiJnCQRGVXy14CmxsxYsYZYZH22VAPZl1NJ9eVXHI8y4k7HfMRQb0Iublk0if0r           zQrX-FW9huz-SbN0-g0kq2O4DOSUEHs5Od2vdqv05T0-XuNsQoszAkQoaIGcxEfbIsKTwUGueVHWy7n4pT_xr8bvQs0CiGkkDss1PMLtQ3nYCe8V-zUL5qe1Pdjs4V7NB8ha6WFZ             Easn58xRputwq_zZrNpqtzTOGL5SoI_Dc6htmsqWdT2ulR1TrcVOJGnjwsiGi_3xjKmwpsOWHruhmE-IGLqBTkITyzNiwTu6M0eNCJNC9F_zAfi1_4az9kq65SvIl5XR41lEHhhh           Cj6GkZSzMTUwPGB5_cOko7iA_IJOU9VBlGbkwat3CV-t6vBV-qmxNyQAoWrTzs6fdTvWpwMdXzWTI2L9AAY7jcTIFP_XzA5cwmySPWIIY7Dfhc3hV4RobpZH-LzLovunRCYGMm_S

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