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Far Away - SHUB - Uk Tour 2018


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That was a tiny piece of dream few years ago...
Passion brings me further than I wouldn't ever expect.

It was an epic journey. Head full of memories and laughs that none of my words could describe. A dislocated wrist after Day 4th, but I couldn't stand beside my bike in front of some lovely architecture without riding! Great Vibes, I enjoyed every seconds. 110%
Don't expect impressive stuff, it's just me in UK haha!
Massive shout out to @UrbanDivide . Photos skillz brah ! All of this couldn't have been possible without him! thousand thanks!

Cheers @COCKY for being such inspirational and to have pushed me out of my comfort zone. That session in Liverpool will be remembered Ha!

"It's not about what you learn,
it's about that you learn..."

True Friends.

Thanks Jacob for the Drone shots and to have entertained us on Euro brakes setup! Ha

Eddie, Dale, Deano, Rich, Ross, Jake Thanks for the good times dudes! It was great to meet you all !

To those I missed, I will definitely come back!

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it.




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11 hours ago, Ross McArthur said:

Nice work dude, edit worked really well. I had an awesome day at Shipley with you guys!

I wonder if she ever got her phone back? haha.

Ha, wanker! 


Also great memories rise from your visit Shub! Love the edit, as per. 



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