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Haven't been riding for 4 years, what changed?


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Hello, folks!

I hope I'm mistaken, but it seems like trials/street-trials scene is fading.

Even few years ago it was OK to ride on your own, but now it seems like there are even fewer riders and even activity on the forums (especially WTS/WTB) are going down.

It's not a whining, I already accepted that years ago and will keep riding anyway because I love it, but.. what do you think about it?

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The street side of stuff is doing OK from what I can see.  The trialsy side probably isn't as big as it has been but there are still a lot of people around.  Outside the UK it's doing really well.

I wouldn't use TF to judge the state of much really - activity levels here are more of a comment on how big social media is now rather than how big the trials scene is.

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