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Few questions


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About this bike

Everything is perfect in this bike, except of few things:

1) Bars. Inspired Arcade are really much better. Already ordered.

2) Brakes absolutely doesn't brake. Is it OK for this hayes? They are almost brand new. I cleaned rotors and pads with isopropanol and still braking power is worse than some cheap alivio/mechanic disc brakes. I cant even block my front wheel.

What can I buy to replace them? Or maybe I should try another pads/rotors, because it's the most important part of brakes.

3) Octane One hub has too few engagement points.

So, I guess there are nothing better than new HOPE hub?

4) What pedals would be better (safe/reliable)

EXUSTAR PB525 or it's OK to use that noname Chinese nylon ones (afraid of axle snap)?

5) Front HUB. It's that old CZAR one, with strange axle, is it OK to use it? Any cons of that hub?

6) RIMS: fireeye excelerant. Is it something Chinese? Anyone know something about them?

7) Hussfelt cranks are OK, not too heavy?

8) Any sense of changing headset to HOPE?

9) Don't know what to do with that ZEE rear derailleur, I 100% do not want extra cable from rear to bars and don't need fast switching of gears. Maybe it would be a good idea to leave 2 sprockets? 16 for trialsy moves and 12 for streety ones and moving between spots? 2 sprockets + no shifter and no cables, just manual adjust between 2?

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