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Alright people :)

I was doing a bit of searching for Zoo!, Gu n Echo but I see there doesn't seem to be very much about them anymore, I know trials has evolved since my day, I just didn't realise how much, makes me feel old :lol: 


Can anyone shed some light on the affair? Also, does anyone still have a Zoo Python 2005 short kicking around?

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They thinned out their range a bit - the ZOO! stuff fell out of favour a bit as the geo wasn't quite rose-tinted-glasses enough for some people. 

They still put out GU frames and bikes until recently, but the Echo range expanded a bit and basically covered what they were offering with GU too.  The GU bike was a lighter, more high-end type bike, but their latest SL Pro/Ti Pro bikes were almost the same thing.

Czar is their street-orientated line, and covers street trialsy type stuff and some more MTB/street cross-over type stuff too.

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