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Hi guys,

I've started with trials about 6 weeks ago and am practicing approx 1-1,5 hour each day.
Progression is noticeable, but I'm far from good :P

I started with the 20" Onza Rip Mod and shortly after bought a 26" street bike which consists of many different parts (Echo frame, Koxx fork, Magura Louise 2011 Front disc brake (160mm), Avid Elixir Rear brake with Shimano 160mm disc, Deore Freehub, etc).

It should be sufficient for now... But now I noticed a really nice almost new Inspired Fourplay Pro for sale in my region, and I really like it :P
If I (can) sell both these bikes I still come up approx. 400 euros short for the 2nd hand Fourplay Pro. 
That's no problem if it's actually worth it, but it's still a lot of money to start with this hobby...

So, my question (finally :D), is it, especially for someone with my (lack of) experience (and body posture: 1,81m @91kg, muscular) worh buying the FPP or should i first continue practicing on my bikes?
Keep in mind that this sport is rarely practiced in Holland and therefore not many bikes are for sale (or sold).
It can be a great oppurtunity for me (The asking price is 950 euro for the FPP, only used once).


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Inspired has nailed the geometry for street. Do you want to ride street or more pure?

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Wait are you dutch, welke provincie, want maybe kunne we dan een X samen riden want er is niemand die k ken bezig met bike trials.

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