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Monty 230 Urban Trial

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Started riding trials last year and this is my first trials specific bike.

Bought the frame brand new early this year and built the "thing" leaning to the yellow wall in one of the pics there. It basically had all my old dirt jumper parts I could use for some sort of trialsy moves.

But things escalated quickly during the summer as the bike was starting to feel horrible to ride even for a beginner, and I started to realize that trials parts are trials parts for a reason. First of all the cheap Nukeproof freehub blowed up pretty quickly, forcing me to buy a Hope Pro4 and build a completely new wheel also because I hated the narrow rim. That actually was the best decision ever as my learning ramped up like a rocket when I could actually trust the drivetrain. Another good decision was changing the Zee brakes to Maguras and forgetting the horrible wandering bite point and pad knock of Shimanos. Also I'm very happy with the latest stem-bar setup, keeping the bike streety and trialsy enough at the same time I think.

The frame graphics were so 2000's in a way that wasn't even fun anymore, so I ended up stripping the whole paint off and gave the frame a quick brushed finish. Looks pretty interesting with the huge amount of welds it has. Very ugly but beautiful frame at the same time!

Currently the only things that are still there are the Hussefelt cranks(10 years old?) and the front wheel and rubber.. and the ugly old seat of course, that is horribly heavy. Probably going to toss it and buy a Inspired seat soon.

Now I actually have a new Echo pure that I thought would be my new main learning tool for pure trials. However I've actually started using Monty more and more lately, as I've found out I can do nearly the same things with this bike and even more. Lack of confidence is my worst problem when learning new scary stuff, and this bike just feels much more comfortable 90% of time. That said, I've decided to go for a 2019 Hex frame kit when it's available, since streety geo definitely seems to be more suitable for my mindset. Would really like to stick to Monty, but the frame is damn heavy and the chainstays are seriously long at 405, bb somewhere around 0.. which probably makes it feel even heavier on the rear wheel.

But let's play with this bike as much as possible before the winter comes. 




frame polish.png


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Hahaha, great post dude. I was sniggering away reading that as I was thinking exactly the same. Its the best and worst thing I've seen in a while!!


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