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The Bikes you have the biggest feelings for- but aren’t yours.

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On 04/03/2019 at 5:11 PM, Davetrials said:

I always had a crush on this "guyzer bikes" that popped up in MBUK one month. 

Sorry for the horrible screen shots too.. 



Spotted this post the other day so sorry to dig up and old topic. I have the above frame. It’s done the rounds a lot. 

James (Student) had it, Dave the rocket, Leon also rode it for a while, then Luke (Toby) and finally my self. It was nicknamed the coke can due to the dent on the bottom side of the downtube. If I recall if you used the left foot forward it would sound like a coke can. It’s been in the top of the garage for a few years. Before the last respray it had the brake mounts removed so was disc only. 

I quickly threw some bits on it to show it off. It’s now back on the garage roof. 

Hope the photos are of use.  

Would see it if anyone wanted to make an offer 















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Never seen these before. Cool to see!

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A great bike I bought since 2016



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No idea what the geo was like, and I’m pretty sure they used to crack around the top/downtube gusset, but I always had a thing for the Rocket Fab frame. Couldn’t find a decent picture of one built up, sorry!


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