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Hello to everyone!

I will get straight to the point. My name is Axel and I have just started my first proper season with Street trials (although I have wanted to try this for long time now) on the attached 24inch bike. I had to change gearing to 25/16 as it was 36/16, but apart from that it's all stock as I bought it 10 years ago from Halfords and now finally I will put it to some real strain testing :D

I am enjoying a lot learning both trials and Street riding basics, but the only thing is that I feel very bent and too much over the handlebars (almost like if I was stretching to touch the ground).

Geo is roughly 405mm chain, 980mm wb, bb 15mm? Stem is around 60mm with 10-15 degrees rise.

Problem might be that I am 6 ft 5 (!).

Would changing the stem to let's say 90mm and 35 degrees solve this or only help slightly? 

If it helps, difference between bb and bars is 660mm. I saw a thread somewhere that a guy of 6 ft 2 was running at 720mm, which makes me think this is why I feel so uncomfortable on the bike and my back kills me all the time. 

Appreciate any tips :)

Axel ;)


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Hi and welcome... first off 25/16 maybe a bit hard, "normally" a 22/16 - 22/15 gear ratio is used on 24" bikes. As for longer stem, if you lower back feels "too bend" maybe a higher stem or a handlebar with more raise is better. If you are hitting the knees a lot on the handlebar, maybe a longer stem. As a rule of thumb: Always make your bike setup comfortable when standing on the bike both wheels on the ground, if it feels wierd or hard standing on the bike, modify it a bit. Good luck and have fun with it...If you need more help on bike setup a pic of you on the goat...

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Posted (edited)

Thanks dk2 for your reply and advice.

I have decided to upgrade my Stem, and found these three:

90mm 35 degree

110mm 35 degree

90mm 40 degree

Any advice which one best to go for if I'm 6ft 5?

Edited by Axiu
Changed the 90mm 35 degree to a correct 25.4mm handlebar type.

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im 6'4" and i use a 120 x 35 stem on my arcade im not doing tailwhips or barspins though just more trialsey bits really

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Thanks for your reply Sandbugg. I think I might go for the BBB brand 110mm at 35 degrees. Seems like a solid product and if its slightly too long I can always tilt my handlebars backwards (currently vertical) :)

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