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For my 40th last month it was decided by the stepson that I should learn to snowboard (mainly so I can take him to the snowdome more often!). Did a learn to snowboard in a day course, ached lots but picked it up pretty quick.

I accidentally a snowboard and bindings, also accidentally a pair of boots, grand total of 50 quid and the boots were unworn :D

The board is a 152 Palmer Proto, about ten years old I think but should get me right to start off. The bindings are Burton cfx of similar vintage and they're super comfy.

Just started servicing the board, made a file jig at work to sharpen the edges and clean up some oxidation and spent the last 20 mins ironing hot wax into the base. A learning curve but rather therapeutic so far :)

Taking Persephone for her first kinder lesson on Saturday (she's 4 now) and going for a couple of hours lift pass with Reuben next week.

Anyone else play around with planks of wood?


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Great stuff man - you'll love it. Bargain on the kit too!

I've been a handful of times, mosty with family though I managed to blag my way to the Royal Navy ski (& snowboard) champs a few years back which was a good laugh. I tend to stick to boards, though on the RN trip figured it'd be a handy time to grab some free ski lessons - sketchily did some reds the first morning but switched back to a board at lunchtime and spent the week riding powder which was wicked.

@haydon_peter is probably TF's most qualified snow bunny these days, though I don't think he's been on here in the best part of a decade by now.

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Took the new board for a couple of hours with Reuben this afternoon, holy f**ksticks the wax makes it scary fast!

At first it rode like a dog, couldn't initiate smooth toe to heel edge turns without the edges biting with no warning and spitting me into the snow. Fiddled around with binding position and angle, got more weight forwards, detuned the corner edges with a file and shifted the high backs forwards and suddenly the board has come to life, turns gliding from edge to edge without any dramas :)

The board seems really nice to ride, flexes easily between the bindings to give easy turn control and pops really well. On the rental boards attempts at ollies were sketchy and unstable, the palmer just lofts and lands without effort.

Unfortunately by the time I'd got the setup somewhere close I was getting tired and making silly mistakes. Cue a fast toe edge to heel edge catch which smashed me headfirst down the slope on my back. Going to be very sore in the morning :D

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