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I started my street-trial last winter my street trial journey. I`m training 2 or 3 times per week (1-2h) . 

On yt there is a lot how to guides...but no one said something about hard beginings... 


I dont have problems with my enduro/dh skills... but when I take my Saracen M.A.D. and start make this "simple things", hell/ass pain is starting... after few months my trial skill looks like total amateur <lol><cry>


How many hours/days/weeks takes for you ? 

1. front wheel hop  (lets say 15 hops ~few seconds of stable hoping)

2. rear wheel hop (same like front )

3. manual  (15 meters ) 

4. track stand (more than one minute)

5. front pivot 180 and 360

Greetings from Poland;) 

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It's not really the answer you'll want to hear, but unfortunately trials is just really hard.  Most of the skills you're looking to learn are all about body positioning and movement, and the only way you can learn them is by going out and spending the time learning how your bike feels and reacts, finding out what slight shifts in body position do, refining your brake control, etc.  You can research all the steps you need to take to do it, but you still have to put the time in to learn those movements. 

You will get some leaps in improvement - especially with things like back hops where you might be able to do 3 or 4 one day, then suddenly it'll click and you'll be able to do 10 or 15 the next - but for the most part it is a bit more of a slow grind as you improve your technique.  You just have to take the little victories when they come, such as adding an extra back hop, improving how long you can trackstand for, adding a few more degrees to a pivot, etc.

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as above. trials is really difficult. also, feel free to discard this as its very much personal opinion, but quantifying the riding when you're learning i think is a mistake. i dont know enough about how you ride, but when i was a beginner, it was never "2-3 times a week" "1-2 hours", it was intense frustration, not going inside until id progressed somehow, for however long, because it was fun. still is, although im still shite in comparison to some. you gotta put in the hours to progress early on, get that bike control. its not like going to the gym. it wont run like clockwork- just because youve ridden a certain amount doesnt mean youll be any better. (to an extent- more time on the bike is always a plus.) its a skill that takes a lot of effort, fails and crashing to progress.  

sorry if that seemed rude, i didnt mean bad by it.  its good to see people getting into it regardless, keep at it! put some clips up in here so we can see and advise. :) 

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I've been out practising trials for 9 months. Usually twice a week, roughly an hour each time. Sometimes more sometimes less. I also cycle to work daily which provides a little scope for additional practice (on a rigid MTB), but don't often have time.

1) I can't front wheel hop.

2) I can rear wheel hop, can do more than 15 hops if I really try. Find it difficult to stay on the spot. Have some control over moving forwards/backwards from an obstacle, but no precision, and can't hop onto things.

3) I can't manual.

4) I could track stand for more than a minute if I really wanted to (but I'd have to want to). Am a bit wobbly to start with, and towards the end (of a mintue).

5) Can just about pivot 180, in my natural direction, but barely past 90 in opposite direction (not practised enough).

Frequently feel like I'm useless at trials and get quite negative about it like I shouldn't be out riding on a street trials bike. A trials bike can sometimes create expectations from observers, so having nowhere private to practice can be a bit frustrating at times.

There's loads of videos on youtube from people who have started trials recently or others who've been riding longer to give you an idea of what's achievable or not.

As said, it is really difficult, but frequently made to look so easy by the pros.

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It’s a difficult one to quantify in that way really. As there are lots of factors to consider.

I could go out for an hour really pushing my limits and make a real effort try new things.

Equally I could go out for two hours and just go through the motions doing the same old stuff over and over with little focus.

In my opinion the first session would have a far greater benefit than the second.

Im just starting out on my journey into trails and have started to make videos to track progress and keep me motivated to improve.

Feel free to take a look here if you’re interested...


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@Mark W

Yeap, I`m grinding my "skill" and I feel more and more confidently... I notice also that my strenght is not big enought so I also changed a little my exercice shedule to focus on push ups at my "handlebar device" which I made. So step by step... little steps ;)



This time frame is approximate.. I mean 1~2 after work but not with clock in a hand ;) Just after work, some times I`m totaly exhausted... so sometimes it looks like : fast 45 minutes of nothing and going back;)


So I`m not alone.... ;)   thanks for info.


2 months... I`m very impressed with your skill after this time. 

I also collect my videos especially fails...;)  I have few hours of material already... compilation of those is coming hehe ;)


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the coolest thing in trials is - if you invest the time and learn the stuff ( and i am talking about some moves that may be seen as simple taking you 4 weeks to nail them and stuff) you will most probably never unlearn any of it,unlike other disciplines (i rode dirt jumps for quite a few years but the skills are gone after 7 years of trials,whereas i had a health break from trials for the last 3 years but the trials skills were back on day 2).

still can hop onto something like 60-80 cm height but i will most probably wreck myself doing a jump over any double out there^^



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Hi, I made few upgrades.

I chaned bar... a little higher rise and there is much better...

I bought also Magura`s MT5. It helps also with hops ;) I can use only one finger  ;)


And at winter time... I decided to focus on manual... so I built manual machine and every week I want make new video...with skill recorded... to get better motivation;)


First I wanted make story only on my instagram... but I decided to put also in other "media"... to have more motivation <lol>  

If you jump from e01 to e03  there is a noticeable difference ... So I hope  (please Santa - give me more skill under christmas tree ) that my target... 60seconds will be reached at the end of winter ;)






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