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Hello all, 

Im new to this forum and trials bikes to an extent however have been riding other disciplines for years. 

Years ago i bought a trials bike to get into the sport but never did. As a result ive had a bike for about 8 years and barely used it. Its now time for me to sell it to out towards another bike. The problem is I have no idea how much its worth!  

So the spec is as follows and I have attached an old photo of the bike although it really hasnt changed due to its lack of use.

Ciguena 24 Frame
Echo Urban Forks
Hope front hub
Chris King rear hub
Inspired Rims 24"
Avid mechanical front disc
Magura Hs33 rear brake with 74k brake booster
Middleburn 107 Cranks
Middleburn pro bashguard
Raceface Evolve bars

Its all in good working order but is a used bike so isnt mint condition


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You don’t tend to get much for complete bikes these days and you have some good parts on their that if you are looking more to update your frame / forks for a different style you’d be maybe better to retain wheels, cranks, brakes. The other option would be to split as people would always be interested in the bits listed above. The frames geo isn’t completely out of flavour these days but sits somewhere between street and comp rather than in one of the camps which a lot of people look for one or other. Not sure that was much help.....

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