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As to the origin of the Virus I'm pretty sure there was no evidence it came from the Wet Market in Wuhan all that was just an assumption. Let's not forget that China didn't admit there was a problem in the beginning as well.

I'm not trying to make a conspiracy theory I'm just talking about my take on it and the information I've seen.

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On 11/2/2020 at 9:21 AM, aener said:

I have to be honest, I couldn't make much sense of most of that, but the parts I could sound like you missed or ignored what I intended my point to be.
That could well be because my post was a rambling turd too, so no biggie.

Things like splitting a sentence in half to object to a fragment of it when the other half addresses it. That's not how language works.

Argh yeah looks like I was further gone on the stash of hobgoblin t'other night than i thought I was. Apologies for the direct question(s) as I'm sure that sounded confrontational. I was venting my spleen, not being incendiary. Remember though the opening gambit was

"so wadjah think about dis rona thing then boys?"

So I just had a rambletron dump into the silent white wall. Some conceptual. some less articulate. Some utter shite.

I'm not going to get into back-and-forthing because I don't know much about it, You're probs a smarter lad than I, so I'd wager I know even less.

and it sounds a bit like you wouldn't want to hear it if I did Not true. But I don't want a keyboard war or owt - I'm just pontificating at a screen whilst I'm sat in a break in my day with nowt better to do.
I'm in no way denying that the virus could have originated in a lab. It could easily have gotten out. I just believe if it did, it was an accident rather than organised malice. This is partly was I getting at, tangentially. There's no effing way this situation isn't synthetic - I was having fun with the hypothetical but I feel it's very much a possibility us in englandshire could be back under snitch arrest "lockdown" 'til [allegedly] 1st week of December because as a root cause someone somewhere skipped protocol because life got in the way, in some form. (And they were dicking around in the questionable ethical, of course.)

The reason I call in a "lockdown" in inverted is not because I want tighter controls (f***ing hell no) but because I listen to out of Ireland whenever I'm sat here at my desk, and the Taoiseach's decree is that no f**ker's allowed more than 5km from their place of residence, just for starters. It used to be 2km.

As much as I've got a pout on about our tightening of a governmental control sphincter that'll never relax once they've a taste restrictions, I must, and am, be mindful that what the Irish appear to have, that is a lockdown.

Now we could've (it's not beyond the realms of possibility, I mean) surely avoided a bunch of our predicament by doing what the manx did (and some of the scottish isles IIRC) and just up drawbridge - stop importing the problem and deal with internal containment.

I know life is more difficult than that, and other cards are/were in play; but if anyone skimming this believes that all of 'em were for the good of usthepeople, then I've 10,000 Ghanaian lottery tickets to sell you, can I have your account no. & sort code please?   

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26 minutes ago, CC12345678910 said:


I agree.

As soon as it became apparent that things were going to change I was on the side of "hit it hard and fast". They f**ked about for ages and then brought in half measures.
Look at places that did it right: Norway and Australia come to mind. Now they have zero cases.
It won't make you popular at the time, but it works.

Even Wales had the 5km thing, if I recall?

I'm fortunate in that at the time I had a job I could do from home and had some savings to fall back on when redundancy came, so I recognise that I weathered it better than a lot of people were able to, but doing something like that half-arsed seems worse than not doing it at all. You're not saving the lives, and you're tanking your economy. Worst of both.

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