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Project Commuter - Planet X Kaffenback build up

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So redunacy made me consider my options transport wise. For context: The old work was 10mins across town and I could have feasibly dailyed something that looks like it was/was actually pulled from a skip if I wanted; but I did that to college & back for ~3yrs and that's all well and good when you don't have a timesheet to answer for if your put-together-from-scrap-n-takeoff-shitbox throws a wobbler. Nae good, wasn't doing that again; so in the beginning I was gifted my uncle's carrera subway when he decided he'd get something new on cycle to work, and spent the pocket monies from the 1st month's wage on rennovating it so it would be good and solid.

Time passes and eventually the take off from the carrera gets to a point where it should really all go back on the carrera so I can build it up to liquidate it and swap all 'my' parts onto this kona frame I've had forever.

Kona frame worth < built up carrera so funds = generated and still have a work hack for 7.30am monday morning. Win.

Some boardman forks, a matching front hub, some swap parts (there is always something incompatable when swapping frames isn't there?) and some maintainance items later we end up with a bike that does me stirling service for the next 2ish years.





[apologies for the quality - I was in full spray n pray mode as I were borrowing my neighbour's wall and he'd not be best pleased with my barend against his dashing)

Somewhere along the way the matching white home bargains knog on the barend did one and I've not seen it since; switch had shit the bed anyway [meh].

Anyways so the batpox relieves me of my job and now work ain't gonna be 10mins easy, pan flat, crosstown bod anymore. Possibly now even a proper trek; through the lanes, in winter. So I conclude (with some man maths, i concede) that a 'proper commuter' is required.

One accidently later...


[BRB gotta find the build photos of the kaff...]

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So after a damn good scrub, some maintainance and melting the kaff into the setup...





I've since changed bits like adding a (shit) rear rack and changed back to the selcof stem with some 700mm echo style flat bars, and I am trying the planet x post n seat on my roadie so the crank brothers cobalt post and sdg bel air off that are in this for the minute/hopefully for good. Looking at these photos is making me want to go back to the answer bar/reverse 80mm stem pictured here though, and put a front rack on for some proper surly long haul trucker vibes...

Oh and the rear wheel's f**ked (flatspot even your most poverty crippled TGSer would give up on - it actually ocilates the bike with a load on the rack) so they'll have to come off and the shit wheels will have to go in til money starts flowing again.

I've got some 700c rims to go on but that'd mean new 'guards, spokes, tyres etc. and I've two sets of these city jets to burn off as I bought 4 on sale for the kona then wuhanarghchoo f**ked the job.

There may be some spd's going on too.

/not sure yet.

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Riding position is definately wrong. Put the M520 spd's in for a try-it-and-see run 'round whilst doing an erand and it's done the usual of taking away the feeling of [the bike] dragging it's arse, even in ~40mph gusting westerly precurser to an atlantic storm front (I was heading west so all the headwind - reminded me why I had a granny ring ont Kona...) but the change in stack height of clipless vs flats & trainers means the seat needs to go up/back (standard stuff) but the combo of that, bar position/height and bar width (the main culprit I think) means I'm faarrr too Vee'd out.

My dodgy right shoulder blade let me know of that quick sharp after 10mins ish.


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