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Possibly a long shot but there's a few nerds on here.

I'm trying to do some image mapping with Meshroom, and hitting errors just as it gets started. The console output is:

[18:39:46.154914][info] Can't find CUDA-Enabled GPU.
[18:39:46.154914][error] This program needs a CUDA-Enabled GPU (with at least compute capability 2.0).


I'm laptop-based, but crucially the GPU is a GeForce GTX 960M.
I've looked it up and whilst it wouldn't be a quick one, it should work. It has 640 cores and a compute capability of 5.0 according to and

I've tried going in to the Nvidea Control Panel and setting it to run on the GPU rather than integrated, but get the same error either way.
CUDA GPUs is set to All, and anything that looks likely related I've set to On.
Do I need to tick a box or set a setting somewhere to enable CUDA?




EDIT: Ignore. The driver update apparently hadn't worked properly. Ran it again and now getting past the error.

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