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Name the technique? Pedal up without pedaling


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Hi guys.

Does this technique have a name?

Learning trials I see many how-to about pedal-ups and how to 1. pedal your good foot 2. lift with your bad foot 3. kick your good foot to get up things.
But I only occasionally see the pros do this.

I included a couple videos with timestamps below showing what I mean. It's like the pedaling is skipped and replaced with a manual. Which makes sense to me, because you don't have to exactly time three pedal strokes. But as a beginner I still struggle learning this technique (my pedal-ups are about knee-high at the moment) because I'm not sure which body position and timing is correct. At speeds I notice the pedal stroke gets less influence over the hop and more of a bunny hop takes over.  

Any hints to master this? Does it have a name?


https://youtu.be/7GGy-8Btxns?t=823 (three in a row here)

Notice there are timestamps. 

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But they get that high up without the help of a pedal stroke? That's impressive. I was under the impression that to get this high you need to put some power to the wheel in addition to the jumping. Okay thanks guys!


Edit: Everything of what these guys accomplish is impressive, that needs to be said.


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I would say no. I think at the top level then doing training off the bike to develop fast twitch muscles etc. becomes a thing but actually when you're starting out it's far more about practise on the bike to dial the movements but more importantly the timing to improve your technique.

In terms of bunnyhops some of it will come down to the sort of riding you do. In the woods, on proper off road trialsy stuff you'll rarely find a time when the bunnyhop will be the best option (unless your surname is Akrigg) and with the confidence you get from using the cranks and having control over what the front end's doing I would start with pedal ups and on the side practise bunnyhops as a separate move but not necessarily onto something. I would practise bunnyhopping a (movable) bar to get the technique to get over something and then moved on to using it to get up stuff that I could already pedal up.

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1 hour ago, monkeyseemonkeydo said:

I would practise bunnyhopping a (movable) bar to get the technique

Just make sure it's not the handlebars that move. :D

If anything, bunnyhopping increases the height you can jump without a bike. After you have the technique down I'm sure practising jumping without a bike would help, but I feel like that would be pretty boring when your other option is doing it with a bicycle!

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On 27/01/2021 at 4:18 AM, cookie70 said:

some great tips! I'm stuck at the point I can bunny hop onto some pretty decent height things, but bunny to the rear wheel just seems such another level, not sure how to progress into that.

A lot of that is just confidence. Bunnyhopping onto something with both wheels is the 'natural' feeling way as the bike is level and (should be) under control. To go to rear it's just a case of putting more effort into throwing the bike in front of you up the object. It's one of those things that actually becomes easier on higher things than low. If you try to bunnyhop to rear on a curb the geometry isn't really right to throw the bike and keep it to rear but once you get to something maybe two feet tall it gets to the stage that the effort required to bunnyhop to rear makes sense and the geometry works in your favour.

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