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Koxx V2 Levelboss

Maintenance Justice

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Just took a punt on this 


£56 delivered. Scam? Cracked like a walnut at Christmas? dented to f**k? Will I get just a photo in the post or some random bike pulled out of the canal?

We’ll see in the coming days (weeks?!) the plan is to build an early, mid 2000’s stock bike for a bit of fun using some period parts...



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Yea so this didn’t pan out. The seller just ignored me and that was that. BUT due to the magic of the internet and old Trials riders with sheds full of stuff I managed to pick up a another Level Boss frame, a V3 this time:


The plan was to build an Evolve / Get 1/2 style stock bike with similar Geo to see what riding these bikes is like and hopefully help my riding on the Mod. It’s a parts bin budget build so not period correct but will still be a decent bike at the end of it:


Echo TR cranks and bash with a Comas 108 freewheel, money spent where it counts and it’s the same freewheel on the Mod so will feel familiar. The hardest part was getting forks, as you all know 26” disc forks of any kind are like Gold dust at the moment and believe me I’ve been trying for a while to get anything. In the end I was lucky enough to get a pair of DMR sidekick forks. A bit weighty but invincible and suitably period with the option to run rim brakes if I fancy it later:


Rolling on a Hope xc converted to bolt through up front and a carbon HS hub on a Rockman rim out back. I think the rear tyre is one of Ali Cs old tyres so maybe that will inject some style into my riding, I can only hope! The steerer was a bit short so I ended up fitting a low stack Echo SL headset and switching to a Comas forged stem which combined gave me enough clamp space:




There you have it. I’m really pleased with how it turned out, went with a BB5 up front because I’ve not run one before so I’m curious. First impressions are positive. HS on the rear with an old skool mod to the Maggie booster, suitably retro. The 130 stem actually feels good for my height and some recycled Genesis 740 MTB bars work well too. It’s a weighty hector but fun to ride, I’m looking forward to heading to some local spots to try it out!


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