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First trials bike

Ben caelli

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Hi guys, 

I'm looking at getting my first trials bike and I've found one semi locally in Vienna (I'm living in Innsbruck) but I'm not really sure on it's worth. The frame is a 2012 inspire fourplay. Here is a Google translation of the upgrades.

1) Inspired Flow fork, 3 weeks old (150 €)

 2) Inspired Arcade High Riser Handlebar (€ 50)

 3) Shimano XT brakes (4 pistons). Including new brake discs, both brakes cost € 480. Front new since July 2020, rear is less than 3 weeks old.

 4) New tires since summer (Continental Danny Mc Askill Airking) (also around 150 €

Also given are a couple of brand new brake pads for the XT.

 Is a great bike and has served me well, basically the frame is just from 2012, otherwise almost everything is new.

 If I were to keep the bike, I might order a new sprocket for the front (chain sprocket), but as I said, everything works fine at the moment.

And a new saddle.

He said he won't go lower than €1300. 

Any thoughts or suggestions would be rad! 




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I think in this case it would be better to buy a new flow (which has nearly the same geo as the old fourplay) or another bike and you still have money left for an upgrade for the brakes if you like (the standard mechanical rim brakes should be powerful enough).

When I see a new fork and stickers on the frame, it’s an alarm sign for me that the bike had had hard trials sessions in the past. Check always how the frame looks from below. There are no words in which conditions the rims / wheels are and 480 Euro for xt brakes and 150 Euro for tires sounds way too much.

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