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Hello guys I'm after some advice on which helmet to buy for trials. I'm using my XC helmet at the moment but the peak is quite distracting and obscuring sometimes. 

I'm after something which doesn't move around too much as I'm used to mips which makes the helmet fit quite snug when tightened. 

My lid size is 57cm so it's a between size so that mips facility is very helpful at making it a better fit.



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MIPS wont be a massive advantage in trials as its there to help mitigate the rotation forces when your helmet hits the ground when traveling at speed. Trails crashes are almost always from a static position so I wouldn't really see the need to pay the extra
Personally I always preferred riding trials in skate/BMX style helmets such as the Protec. If you prefer MTB style, then I've been using a Bell 4Forty and absolutely love it 

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I always found most head hits are when you get your legs hooked up and fall backwards. So if you go mtb style don’t get a pointy one at the back? I always preferred my Bucky lasek as it was light comfy and never needed replacing (offered enough protection for trials hits)

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On 2/10/2021 at 5:09 PM, Rip said:

I use a TSG Skate/BMX helmet when I'm on my Street Trials bike, decent quality IMO:


I was looking at that earlier but unfortunately my size is out of stock. I'm a 57cm head size. 

Stock in a lot of shops are getting pretty thin right now for everything. 

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On 2/12/2021 at 4:19 PM, Rip said:

That was my second choice if I couldn't get my TSG. I used to have Pro-Tecs back in my BMX days. 

Kind of the same street trials but on a larger BMX :). It was a toss between the TSG and Pro Tec but after reading reviews I decided on the Pro Tec. Not anything to do with which one is better, it was all about the fit as I'm between sizes on the TSG (57cm) 

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