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Which bike????

David Michie

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It's almost year since I got back on the bike again. After years off riding trials, I'm totally hooked again. Re-learning all the basics and finally new moves, meeting up with old and new riders. its been Great for the body and mind! 

I've been saving up cash for a while now to buy a new mod but I need some help deciding which bike to go for. 

I'm really keen on the echo mk6 plus, I like the idea of having disc's front and rear and the splined freewheel and sprocket also the chain tensioner looks like a great idea. I've had a disc's before but only the front brake, because I'm right footed I'm a bit worried about having a rear disc as I know it will take some hits, will this be a bad idea? 

My other option would probably be a jitsie, I've never seen one in person and don't really know much about them, are they good frames? I've heard the welds are questionable? I see there is an option for a rear magura and front disc which might be better for me though. 

If someone could guide me in the right direction that would be much appreciated. 

Obviously I'd love a crewkers or clean but unfortunately they are for a much better class of rider than myself. 

Thank you 


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A friend owns a Jitsie and the welds look good. Welding aluminium is no longer a problem as it might have been 15 years ago.

Unfortunately Echo and other brands like Creewkerz use their own "standards" on some parts. You might have to take this into consideration,as your are bound to the brand for some components (e.g. splined freewheel).


My 26" bike has a rear disc and too me this is currently the best solution, quite expensive though. You need good brake pads (Trailtech , trickstuff power) and a 4 pistons caliper.

Unfortunatley, a 4 pistons caliper has less space between the pads and the rotor than a 2 pistons calipers and you may bend rotors regularly (mine is no longer perfectly straight, but that is fine for my level). Good rotors can be cheap, like the Shimano SH-RT66. Another drawback is the play between brake pads and the caliper, that allows the wheel to spin slightly. You won't have this kind of play with a rim brake.

I have also a BB7 + Speeddial 7 on a bike, this configuration is cheaper but the feeling of the lever is not so good. I never liked the HS33, I prefer V-brakes.



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