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It’s been a while.. Help please!


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Hey everyone, new here so hi! 

I’m coming back to trials after nearly 20 years and I’m so confused about what bike to get. When I was young everyone was on DMR Trailstars and Saracens and if you were lucky the Pashley 26mhz, now everything either looks like two long tubes stuck together or super streety, almost bmx like. I’m not against either of those stylings at all but have no idea what would be a good place to start. 

Im bit of a big boy at 6ft and around 15 stone so want something that I won’t snap in a week, though I doubt I’ll be going big like I did when I was younger so I’m sure most stuff will be fine. 

Ive been looking at the Alias 24.1, Alias 20.2 (though I doubt I can afford a full build) Echo Pure mk5, Echo Lite mk5 and the Jitsie Varial 26. 
I would say a Hex would be of interest but budget definitely doesn’t stretch to a new one of those. 

As I’m coming from 20 years or so of not riding trials I’m sure anything I go for will feel alien to me for a while so not sure wheel size matters at this point other than fit anyways. It’s not gonna be my day to day ride so a seat doesn’t matter, though the Alias 24.1 appeals because it’s a bit more normal I guess... 

Any help would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to being absolutely terrible at trials stuff whilst my broken old body gets used to it again. 



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Hi buddy, most people will suggest to try a street bike, either 24” or 26” (like the hex you’ve mentioned) which is probably the closest to what you’ve been on 20 years ago. Any of the new style comp bikes will feel alien to you but why don’t you try to look for some old deng frames circa 2006-2008? The old echo pure frame (2006ish?) had a seat and a pretty universal geometry, the 2008 pure or control are both seatless but bb height is rather neutral so won’t be too much of a shock, also those frames were made indestructible. And last advantage is that they’re old now and people would be selling them cheap. 

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Oops just seen this.. Thanks for the info @DYAKOV. I have mostly been looking at Street bikes and I'm still confused ha. I've never ridden any 24" bikes ever so no idea if I'll like those but I've been told they feel close to 26" so I should be fine. Maybe. 

As for the old Deng frames, I have no idea what I'd be looking for. I think I've missed out on a few cheap older Echo bikes just cos I have no idea what I should or shouldn't buy ha. 

I think I'm going to just have to take a chance and buy something to find out what I like. 

Should I steer clear of 20" things you think? I used to ride a bit of BMX in my youth so I'm ok with the small wheels, no idea if a mod would be too small for me now though. 

Thanks again. 

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