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Pro 2/EVO help required


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Need some help guys as my head is fried! 

Situation is I bought a Pro 2 EVO a while back to buid for my sons bike and I've just been having a tinker and my head is gone. 

The ID on the freehub bearings is bigger than the axle so it doesn't fit snug. I have a spare axle which I assume is 148mm as it's longer and the ED of that is the same from the bearing seat all the way down (which the freehub fits perfectly) but it's obviously too long as I need 135mm.

I thought it had maybe had an original Pro 2 axle fitted at some point but then I compared it with one from a standard Pro 2 and the taper inside the hub body is different and I don't know exactly what the difference between a Pro 2 and Evo axle is. 

Got some QR end caps as well which I bought for an Evo which fit the bigger axle but not the one it had fitted (or the standard Pro 2. 

This is why I hate working on Hope hubs, far too many part numbers for one thing! 

On the plus side, the standard Pro 2 I stuck a bolt through axle and new freehub body on is perfect! 

Ideally I could do with a 10mm bolt up axle but a regular axle I can fit the QR end caps on will do if anyone can link me one? 


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Judging from my own parts bin, it seems that the Pro 2 135x12 mm through-axle is the one pictured in the middle, with the smaller diameter freehub section and the same taper as the Evo axle. The regular Pro 2 Evo uses the axle sizing at the top, which is the same as the regular Pro 4 axle (coincidentally, the trials version of the Pro 2 Evo does actually use a similar sizing as the Pro 2, with the smaller freehub section). Figure you'd need part number HUB240 for a bolt-in non-trials 135 mm axle. Or HUB235s, which seems the same but without the bolts included?



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