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Mixing & matching brake pads?


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I seem to remember on one of Ali's recent Instagram Q&A stories he said he's ran 2 different compound brake pads in the same caliper before, now I may have dreamt it but it does seem like something he would try. I've only recently really got back into trials so I put the Magura Comfort pads in my MT7's because they give me much more feel than the standard Performance pads, so far they are working great, good feel (good for saving manuals) and good power (enough for my current level of riding anyway), plus they are silent. I'd like to transition back to Performance pads (at least on the rear brake) just in case I need the extra bite at some point, it might save me from hurting myself. So I was thinking of starting by running the rear brake with one of each pad compound hoping it would be some kind of middle ground between the two, allowing me to still save those manuals but with some extra bite. Anyone else done or do this, if so, thoughts? Does it even make sense? Does it feel like a middle ground? Do I dream about Ali's Instagram stories?

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