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Royal Fail.


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Just been to the post office to send some Ethirteen bars to someone who won the auction on Ebay.

Boxed up nice and light 450 gram.

I was astounded at the fact they wanted £16 to send them :S.

Seems Dick Turpin is in charge of Royal Mail theae days. Needless to say I wasn't paying £16 to send a product which sold for £20.

I'm not tight but that to me is taking the absolute urine.


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14 minutes ago, isitafox said:

Yeah it's down to the length of them, I've always used Hermes for bars

Still a bit of a piss take to be honest. No wonder they're in such a mess financially due to couriers taking the business away from them. When I bought some bars online from a reputable bike company they only charged £5 p&p and that was via Royal Fail. Maybe they just charge us normal people more and the businesses who pay for a Royal Mail account less. 

Good shout on Hermes though thank you.

I'll be using them next time and not even consider Royal Fail.


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4 hours ago, Adam@TartyBikes said:

That's the problem... its stupid, but computer says no. I feel your frustration, we have the same issues!

As others have said, try a courier or site like InterParcel.

Yes I won't be bothering with Dick Turpin and his Royal Mail for parcels anymore due to his fascist views on rectangular parcels :rolleyes:

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