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Hs33 quick release


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On my old bike i had quick release maguras.
On my jistie varial 26" its fixed 4 bolt 
Its a nightmare to take my front wheel off as i need to let the tyre down. Do they still do a quick release kit ? I understand i will need a booster to go with it.
Any help would be great as its pain in the backside for getting in and out the car

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A V brake, an HS33 and a Disc go to a party. The Disc has a blast and dances with everybody; fat girls, skinny girls and even a few boys. The Disc leaves with at least 3 girls that night. The HS33 has a good time and goes home with a very decent girl that no one would ever be ashamed of. The V brake goes home alone.

Life's not fair.

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