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Custom Inspired Hex Build

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Hi all, fancied doing a build thread on a hex I’ll be building up as it’ll be getting a bit of welding done. I’ll be adding on a disc mount to the frame. 

I purchased the hex on Facebook, this is how it came apart from the stem which I put on to play in the street.  06D02DDF-0F2C-4059-B5BA-E7CC7E020119.thumb.jpeg.684a0af9e22370f0743eec4ce7b10e5d.jpeg

I have some of my own parts already that I will be using. The next step was to strip it down and put the parts on that I could. 

This is how it is looking with the rear wheel and inspired forks I already had. The forks are the old inspired team forks and the wheel is an inspired rim built onto a inspired hub. The front wheel is currently getting built by a friend. That will be very similar with a matching rim on a hope pro 4 hub. 


I managed to pick up a new hope headset for £50 from someone around the corner from me! The fsa headset that the bike came with was a bit stiff and had non sealed bearings so had to go!


Thats as far as the build has gone so far. I have actually custom painted magura MT5 callipers aswell which I will show when the bike is rolling and I can attach a brake. 

Will post more when I get the wheel back and after a I paint a few bits and bobs this week! :) 

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