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Magura MT7 lever issue

Private Repress

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Hi guys,

Not strictly trials chat, but thought I’d ask here...

Went out on the enduro bike tonight and reached for the back brake and couldn’t feel the lever...


anyone know which bit has broken to cause this? Is it repairable?

If not would a replacement lever blade have the relevant part to fix the issue? 

I’ve got a spare magura MT5 lever but would rather rescue this one if possible - the braking feel is so much more positive. 

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You can sometimes get it to sort it's life out by clicking it back into place, then winding off some of the BAT adjuster. If that doesn't work, take the BAT adjuster out and replace it with a countersunk bolt (think they're M5 from memory, but if you just fire any bolt into the hole you'll work it out). 

The BAT adjuster does next to nothing anyway and they wear out over time, so that should solve it. It did for me at least before I wound up going for an MT5. The MT5 levers have been way more consistent for me. The internals are all basically the same, so it should be possible to get the MT5 to feel as good as the MT7. Magura gave the inside of the reservoir cavity a needlessly complex shape so there's loads of places for little air bubbles to attach to or get trapped behind, so often factory bleeds will suck and actually getting a solid bleed yourself can be tricky. I generally find giving it a 'top up' style bleed (just using a syringe with fluid in the lever port, then pumping the lever) works well - you can get around the cavity issues by just angling your bike/lever around and tapping the lever body itself to free up any trapped air.

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Thanks @Mark W,

I’ll try replacing the bat adjuster. I’m very comfortable with getting a good bleed on magura’s - but appreciate the advice.

ive just never been able to get the MT5 lever to feel like it returns as fast as the MT7. I run an MT5 on the front of this bike and a full set on another. 

I’ll report back to confirm if it’s worked :)

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58 minutes ago, Private Repress said:

I'll try replacing the bat adjuster. I’m very comfortable with getting a good bleed on magura’s - but appreciate the advice.

No worries (Y) I just found with an MT5 recently that it wasn't quite feeling right and it ended up being that. That said, doing the whole individual piston centralising chore seems to have a huge effect on these brakes too. I thought I had a leak or needed a bleed on the hotchpotch MTsomething on my Arcade, but it was literally just one of the pistons hanging out a little further than it needed to. They're definitely the fussiest brakes I've had for that...

One thing to note on replacing the BAT with a bolt is that you do lose the dislocate function of the lever. I don't think I've ever really used that myself on the Magura brakes, but if it's something you feel you might want, it may be worth bearing in mind.

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