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Ive been on the hunt for one of these for some time now, so was delighted when I found one that I felt I could rescue. Pretty much a barn find - the stuff dreams are made of for someone like me!


The bike was covered in dirt and dust and just in generally bad shape:



But the under the grime the actual structure of the frame was sound with no cracks or dents. 

It even had the mandatory race face turbine cranks - I wouldn’t built one of these with anything but!


The wheels were in poor condition with spokes missing and worn braking surfaces. 


To me this is the epitome of a bike project!

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So I got to work stripping it down and cleaning! I used a mild abrasive polish on the frame to remove the grime, then used a Matt finishing cleaner to bring it back to life 



A good friend of mine donated a gold filthy bash guard (permanent loan) to bring the cranks to life in true hawzie style:


this has since has the benefit of a new 22t middleburn ring 

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Now to sort the wheels...

I took the wheels apart and had the rims powder coated satin black along with some Echo Urban disc forks



I also managed to bag a pair of second hand Magura MTS brakes, same as the MT4’s but for Specialised to equip on their bikes. This was a great find as the gold and black really fitted the theme 


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A few finishing bits and the build is complete!

I should point out my aim here was not a replica. I was looking to build a 26inch street bike, my yellow Giant remains a replica, but this was about having a bike that felt familiar with modern components where needed to deal with the type of riding I have in mind. 






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