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Chasing the creak


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As tomorrow is going to be slightly damp and not ideal for trials I'm going to try and find the cause of this damn creaking noise on my Inspired Fourplay.

BB Truvativ GXP DUB 

Cranks Truvativ Descendant 7k DUB 

Has anyone else had the same trouble?

I've tried removing everything, cleaning, re-greasing and assembling but to no avail.

Read stories it could be the rear axle or even the chain but as the axle is a bolt through I can't imagine that to be the source.

It isn't the pedals either as it's still there when I've tried a different set of pedals.

Just a bit disappointing really since my Dads Cheapo Boardman Halfords special hasn't any creaks after 10 years and this Fourplay started creaking like a champion after a few months :unsure:.


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11 hours ago, Adam@TartyBikes said:

Checked the bolts that hold the bashring to the crank?

With respect, I am unsure if your dads Boardman will have had quite the same loads put through it as your Fourplay :)

I haven't checked the bashing bolts yet but that'll be first on the list :). They'll be first for inspection and clean.

What's the recommended torque for tightening them?

P.s the Boardman has had it's fair share of abuse on these hills, front forks have had countless seal changes due to being blown :rolleyes:.

Many thanks


Home from work now and just checked your website and it says 7nm. Bit lower than I thought but I'll get the parts off now and try again, this time including the bashring bolts :)

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