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Tryall Rim Erd for Rim swap?


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Hoping someone can help, I have an original Koxx/Tryall Fluro rim that I want to swap with an Tryall hOle rim, anyone know if the erd is similar enough to use the same spokes? 

These are the 2 rims:


Something in my head is saying they were similar erd, but I am not confident to commit on that. Lol



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They are surprisingly close - with the spoke hole offset factored in on the hOle rim, that ERD is 542.5. The standard Try-All Rear 26" rim is 541. 

I'd generally put new spokes in regardless though. If they're old spokes, they work harden through use anyway, but also develop notches/grooves in the spokes themselves where they cross in the existing wheel. Those positions will change when you lace them up into the new wheel which is usually a bad time.

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I haven't done this in a long time (oh OTN and all the mechanical engineers that had to take one metals class in college/Uni). But as a metals guy I have to chime in here in a way that will likely have no effect on the original issue.

Work hardening is indeed rather pronounced it stainless steels and does some fun things to them (try taking a magnet the bend in the spoke vs the straight area, depending on alloy and how much work was done some interesting changes can happen...), but in the case of spokes in service it is not an issue. Work hardening requires plastic deformation (aka when you bend something to the point it does not bend back). So that can certainly happen during wheel building, but should not happen during normal use, unless you bash the spokes hard enough to bend them, but then you are looking for surface defects like the notches and grooves as mentioned. Fatigue is an issue from use, but in my experience with more than a few spokes breaking it once again has to do with scratches and the like on the spokes and going from there or some quality issues around the bend, but not work hardening. Ok I'll stop now, but this kind of stuff really is in my wheelhouse (pun very much intended).

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