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HS33 Master / Slave Cylinder size changes?

that NBR dude

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A random question for a rainy Sunday afternoon, for those of a technical mindset... 

Were there any changes throughout the years, in terms of Magura Master / Slave cylinders, specifically around sizes / bores / strokes? 

Some context to my question... 

I have an RB Designs lever from the early 2000s. This is mated to a pair of later slave cylinders, I'd guess at around 2012 (newer Magura logo). It's been bled in a sink; definitely no air in the system, and yet when I pull the lever the slaves barely move. Everything feels rock solid, no sponginess or anything. Could it be that the bore / stroke on the RB Designs cylinder is not enough to push enough fluid to these later slaves?

Obviously, it being an RB Designs lever, I'm definitely not ruling out it being a bit Leaky McLeakface, but I'd expected it to work even just for one lever pull... Or is my rose tinted spectacles view of "trials of the days of yore" clouding my memories and these levers always performed like ass? 

Answers on a postcard...  

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Interesting, thanks! Knew you'd know the answer...

So there is no fundamental difference between later and earlier pistons? I found a pair of ghetto ones from early 2000s (probably from my first HS33) in a box and was tempted to change to them just in case it made a difference.  

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