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Custom Reeb Trials Bike

Robbie Pfunder

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Full write up from my social media:

“Here is my brand new, totally custom, one of a kind, REEB Cycles trials bike.
This has been a concept of mine for well over a year now and to see it finally come to life is a literal dream come true.  I feel like 8 years old and it’s christmas.  I had been on my echo and inspired trials bikes for close to 5 years and wanted something fresh… something more down the middle of the road geometry wise which I wasn’t finding in the trials market. 
I wanted to build a trials bike MY way.  I wanted it to be fun, playful, able to handle natural riding on rocks, but also able to hit a kicker or do spin moves in my shows.  I’ve always thought that the thin steel tubing style looked super proper so that was a no brainer choice.  I went with blue because why not?  It looks amazing and I wanted a friendly, eye-catching color that would pop for the crowds when I’m riding.  Frankly, it just looks so cool too.  I wanted my brakes quiet with more modulation so I made the move to go dual disc with a large 200mm in the rear for maximum stopping power in critical trials situations.  For maxium chainring clearance and minimal weight I went with a screw on style crank with an 18t cog.  I didn’t want a full saddle but I didn’t want a seatless bike either so I settled on the super rad mini pivotal “seat” which I’m very happy with.  I think the clear looks badass haha.  Front end is a 110x10d stem with a standard high rise trials bar.  Had to side with the ultra light and strong @crewkerz carbon trials fork for maximum performance and had to go with Derby Rims 35i carbon model rims for tons of strength, perfect width and lightness. All the matte carbon is so incredible.  @hopetech hubs front and rear for the sake of keep it real and I’ve always loved the reliability and sound.  
This is the sickest frame I’ve ever seen in my life and I really can’t believe the build that I got to put on it.  Overall I’m ecstatic with how it turned out and I’m even more eager to see how it rides once I get things dialed in.
Huge thanks to @reebcycles for the dream frame and to WebCyclery & WebSkis for supporting me with parts.
Looking forward to riding into the rest of 2021 with a lot more style.” 

Let me know what you think!












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1 minute ago, isitafox said:

It looks nice I just don't understand the obscenely long stem...:wacko:

That and the chain looks like it needs a link or two taking out. 

Bringin the heat!

dude, the frame is a 1045wb…basically Justice geo… its a 110 stem lol.  Thats totally appropriate imo.   

yea maybe ill take a link out?

Ummm thanks

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Dude, this bike looks so amazing!  For anyone who has seen Robbie ride, this bike is perfect, he's got a really smooth old / mid school style, and is also pretty tall.  Can't wait to see it in action!!

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17 hours ago, that NBR dude said:

That brake mount is really interesting (never seen one like that before). Assuming can be used as IS or as Post mount using those dowels. Neat and intriguing design. 

It's very similar to what's on my Whyte MTB- the brass inserts are just so that if you strip the threads you don't wreck the frame, just the barrel nuts (https://whyte.bike/collections/parts-accessories/products/post-mount-barrel-nuts). Fairly sure they couldn't be used as IS mounts (they're just plain bores through the frame to accomodate the barrels).

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Looks great Robbie! Love the cranks and seat colors next to the blue (I have a similar themed bmx). Did you just work with Reeb or go through the Big Lenowski to make the connection? Its super cool. You doing shows and such full time these days?

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