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Which Hope Disc brake pads do you think are the best?


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Clean/Jitsie/Trialtech pads are all one and the same. The Hope ones are their own unique thing, and also worse ;) 

The Jitsie style ones always gave me a shitload more bite and hold, but if they get hot they do glaze pretty easily. It just means you have to scrub the pads in a bit more (just riding around pulsing the brake on and off), but will mean they wear a bit faster than 'other' pads like the Hopes. It's a trade-off that was definitely worth it for me.

It's worth noting that as they make your brake grabbier, if you use your brakes a lot more manuals and stuff like that they may take a bit of getting used to. I always felt the trade-off was worth it though as they really do make brakes work better.

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Clean pads with Clean rotors works the best for me. I never wear down any pad, usually after 1.5 year (4-5x1-4 hours ride per week, but not much modulated moves) they wears to like 80% and the brake starts to feel spongy and the lever got too much way to move. I change the pads and the rotors than.   

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