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Best stem for a streety zebdi


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Another way of doing it would be to look at what you’re running now, ask yourself does it feel cramped or too roomy, i.e a dog on the back wheel or too hard to pull up to manual? Then go from there. 

Generally though, whatever you run, the more you ride the more you’ll get used to it, so get out there and give it some beans.

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21 hours ago, smiddy86 said:

Its nice on the backwheel but feels a bit hard to pull up to manual and bunnyhop  

Worth noting that those two are generally a trade-off. For trials stuff you typically want to have your weight centred further forward on the bike, but for streety stuff you want it further back. Usually one side has to suffer a little for the other, so it's probably going to boil down to what you want the bike to be better at. If you want it streety, a shorter/higher setup will work best but that will compromise the trialsy-ness of it. Longer/lower will be better for trialsy stuff, but it'll make streety stuff harder.

As Ross says, practise and getting used to the technique required for the bike will help most in the long run, but playing with bar roll and stacker height can dial things in.

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