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Arm Pump Adjustment


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Context below if you care, but the main point is: It's so long since I've had arm pump that I can't remember. Does it fade as your muscle groups grow used to a different wrist posture, or is there a point at which it is just legitimately harder to hold on, and thus detrimental to riding even if you do adjust to it?

Context: Since Trialtech Foams stopped being a thing I went to Longnecks, but the barest hint of moisture and I could barely hold them for the slickness.
Sam Wheeler introduced me to a variety of bar-tape that felt relatively comfy and was still perfectly grippy in the wet. I wound them too thin and tore my hands to shreds.

I'm now on a thicker bar tape, but it is CHONKY. I quite like the feel of it and have ridden pretty well since putting it on, but I'm getting terrible arm pump. Unsure whether to wait it out, or if I'm wasting energy holding on to something less ergonomic and so detracting from peak performance. Really struggling to work out a phrasing for that, but hopefully you'll understand.

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Personally it’s never been something that “wore off” if I tried to endure it out, I had to find components that lessened the effect.

If you can find a foam grip in a firmness you like it’s pretty easy to skim off some material (I used a knife, other methods may work too). I rather liked some cheap foam grips from eBay that the name escapes me (they were kinda Richey copies) but they were a bit inconsistent, they were cheap enough that you could buy a few and chuck the ones you don’t like though.

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