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Normally, I don't like X, but Y is the exception.


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I'm making this thread thinking about music, but you can apply it to whatever you like. Maybe you don't like cars but you specifically really like a specific model, or you hate cheese but f**king love edam.
I think it would be good if you provide a bit of reasoning as to WHY you think your exception is the exception.


Normally, I have zero interest in just about any popular music to the point that I just don't understand how it's considered popular and what people get out of it, but a while ago I heard Griff - Black Hole, and it hit me right in the feels. Since then, it's an instant switch to an intensely emotional state. I'm assuming it largely resonates with me because I was lonely for a long time (though not due to a breakup), but aside from that I think it's something about the candid lyrical message that things f**king suck, juxtaposed with the relative musical nonchalance. Also the insight into how one event (a breakup in this case) effects people differently - one person might move on without much issue, but another will never be the same again. Straying into reading too much into things, I feel like there's a lot of things going on in this song and I'd need to write a coherent essay to cover all the points of thought and feelings it incites in me, and that's somewhat awkward since it's almost definitely an entirely fabricated scenario made up by a team of songwriters and sung by someone picked primarily for being marketable. But it's a strong enough feeling that my brain is willing to bypass all that, knowing it without acknowledging it.

Musically, I'm also a fan of minimal soundscapes, so whilst it is really quite simple, I appreciate the accomplishment of there always being instruments playing but still managing to feel sparse and empty, and how that resonates with the lyrics. (I did acknowledge I read too much into things, yes? I know that may or may not have been intentional, but it still works. It's interesting that if it were self-written, I would have no doubt that the artist had had that thought process, but assume it's just a coincidence because it's from the marketing machine.)

The one part I don't like is the line "I wish that you would realise that I'm all you need," as it changes from the otherwise powerful bleakness into being clingy and arrogant.

Anyway - I feel dreadfully embarassed to publically state that I like a pop-song, but there we are.


I'm very interested to know what your parallel situations might be.

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Hmmmm I don't know. My goto music is EDM. Over the past few years the 90% of the music I've been listening to is a result of a search on Discogs using a word that will link to what someone else previously posted on a forum, and filtered with 'electronic' and 2020/2021! Quite closed minded, but I occasionality remove the 'electronic' filter or the years!  I pretty much insulate myself from pop music, have no interest in it at all. I'm not sure what the exception is to this. My 4yo boy has been watching a lot of Danny Macaskill* videos recently, and I like the Proclaimers song it's upbeat...  but that's childhood related... They were in the top40 (letter from America) when I was growing up, as was MJ, PSB, most of the House tunes that were in the charts around '88 still like some of that stuff for nostalgia. Never liked metal... Can't stand soft rock or rock ballads. Although death metal (Napalm Death, Obituary, about covers that episode), and grunge/indie (MBV,Nirvana,Curve,Lush about covers that episode, although recently Cherry Glazer).

* idea for a childrens trials animation series: Danny Alpaccaskill

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