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Glass cutting help


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I need a circle of glass about 4 inches diameter (doesn't have to be perfect). I've got a pain of glass that's about 8" square I was thinking of just nipping away at it with scissors to make the circle. Anyone got an experience of cutting glass?

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You want one of those cutters with a carbide wheel on the bottom. You can get them at all sorts of places. Got mine at Wilko's for about £2.50.

Score and then tap from the underside. Youtube had a wealth of tutorials when I looked a couple of years ago. Don't try and do the whole circle in one go - very unlikely to work. Trim corners off with arcs, and then score again and snap off the remaining bits. There's a knack to it, so a practice sheet is a good idea.

I'm only over in Leeds if it's just not working for you ;)

Edit: A tip I learned after a lot of failures - pressing really hard to score deeper does NOT make it work better. It chips the edges makes it much more likely to snap away from the score. Score gently and tap lightly more times. Patience required for technical cuts sometimes!

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