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Knocking sounds on DIsc Brake Caliper


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I guess this topic might have been covered in many forums but I I hope i could gather updated solutions. I am using Magura MT2 and MT4 calipers and always have this knocking sounds on the brake pads each time I land backwards or land on the edges. I did applied tape/double sided tape between pads and piston, still it worns out by time. And I have tested several pads and the noise were still there, except some were a bit less annoying than other.


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Unfortunately you're never going to fix the problem in full without some custom modification as the pads are never a tight enough fit.

If you haven't tried them, the trialtech pads tend to have less pad rock than most (and as such less noise), however, i find the tape method is usually the best for removing rocking noise. I recommend gorrilla tape or similar rather than a double sided tape.

Recently i've been using a new method to the gorrilla tape application where i wrapped the tape around the sides of the pad backing and stuck down to the front of the pad backing (avoiding contact with the brake pad material) then i cut off the gorrilla tape that would have been in contact with the piston. So far i've not had any problems and reduced the rocking noise significantly.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks! now I got additional type of tape to try!

Gorilla tape, this I haven't used yet. I have been through, 3M thin double sided tape and masking tape both works in short time (week), then duct tape which I am worried on the adhesive that scatters on the caliper and even detach on some sides after few days of riding.

Great! I will hunt for gorilla tape this week.

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