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Arcade crank length opinion


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Hey all, I have picked up a 2nd hand Arcade to have a play alongside my Hex. The Arcade comes with 175mm cranks however historically I have always used 170mm on 24" but I was interested to know if people have used an Arcade or others 24"'s in general on 22/16 pro's / con's of 175 vs 170 and whether I should just stick with 175m



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Used to use 175 mm cranks on my 24" bike with 22/16 gearing. First used 175 on my Hex as well (22/18), switched to 170 when I needed new cranks. But only because I found them for cheap and because my feet are big, so when my foot placement is subobtimal, I sometimes hit the wheel with my toes. This gave me a tiny bit more room there. I personally notice no difference in any other respect. Your body is generally super quick to adapt to these kind of small changes. So I wouldn't sweat it, just stick with what it comes with.

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