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Onza pro?


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Hi guys, completely new to me this, but I fancy a trials bike for me and my 2 boys to have a mess around on, I’ve found an onza pro bike local to me, but I’m just after some confirmation it’s a pro model ? The seller says he bought it advertised as a pro, but there are no stickers on it, can anyone confirm from the advert, thanks 



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55 minutes ago, isitafox said:

The Zoo is light years ahead of the Onza, if you can afford the Zoo it's a bit of a non brainer

Thanks, thought it might be the better one, can i ask, both onza pro's I have seen for sale, have 20 inch tyres on the back, I thought they where supposed to have 19 inch  tyres on, everything I have read on this site says, the pro's come with 19 inch rear wheels, am I getting it completely wrong? Cheers 

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On 01/11/2021 at 1:13 PM, isitafox said:

Some of the cheaper Onza's did come with a 20" rear wheel instead of a 19" as it was cheaper for them to spec

Cheers, I thought the pro versions came with 19inch, maybe the two I've seen on ebay, are not actually pro versions, but a lower end model, either way, picked the zoo up this morning, shocked at how light it is! 

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