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way to get foam grips on


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had a nightmare getting echo foam grips on my new jitsie carbon bars last night.

it's hard enough to get the grip with a smaller diameter than the bars. that combined with the textured lacquer it's near impossible to get it to slide on, even with a hairdryer.

Found a way to do it easily so thought i'd share!

i simply got a 1/2 inch socked extender which the grip slipped on to the narrow end.

i then sprayed tons of hairspray on the bar and moved the grip up and down to get it covered inside.

then put the bar in the vice and pulled the grip over the wide end

i did this a few times to stretch the grip. then you pull the grip up to the wide end, put the wide bit against the end of your bars and pull it over.

after that it was pretty easy to slide the grip over and onto the handlebars.




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