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Another Hex Build

Alex Dark

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So, I picked up this Hex back in May after losing a bit of love for pure trials. 

Managed to get hold of it for a pretty decent price from Rob Lawrenson with a worthwhile spec: 


Hope Pro2 evo hubs on ex721s and maxxis Holyrollers

shimano Saint m810 crankset 

hope tech m4 W. 203 icetech rotor. 

magura 2005 HS33, phat pads , braided hoses, trialtech 4 bolt booster 

inspired Hex mk1 frame, powder coated black. 

inspired hex mk1 disc forks

90x35 trialtech stem

trialtech high rise bars

plastic “insane” pedals

some bmx seat

chris king Rasta headset





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Laced the Spank to a spare chris king singlespeed HD I picked up a few months back. I had my old chris king / Onza series front wheel kicking around for the last decade since I dropped front disc, so that went straight on. 

Blagged a spare set of trialtech disc forks to replace the inspired… much prefer the shape of these. Also bought a 110x35mm stem from Adrian too to make it a little more trialsy.

Fitted my old middleburn rs7 super pro TI cranks , with a reset TI BB. Spent an hour making a 74kingz tensioner to suit the new ratio.





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