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Did you ever broke a BMX style chain lock?


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9 hours ago, DYAKOV said:

You’re lucky it didn’t snap over a drop gap. Get yourself kmc z1ehx chain and don’t use the split link. You’ll be fine

i was searching for the KMC 610 but non found. Instead KMC 710 pop out but with thin link. After that snap, I use nomal link now, and works fine. Next chain will be that Z1ehx, since 610 were no longer made

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a few more questions about chains, instead of Z1eHX any opinions on the alternatives, I couldn't find (no one knows locally) Z1ehx. I did found KMC 610 but only narrow type was available. It doesn't seat properly on my fat cog and chainring. 

Any reviews on the following chains posted below? Those were for sure available but online:





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