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Your pros and cons please! Brake adapters...


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I have been to few different names of brake adapters and snapped them off including the pricy one. I got the Formula (second hand) just few months ago and used without issues so far. Felt solid and heavier than those snapped. I was looking for similar as back-up but couldn't find one, instead I tried the shimano then arrived yesterday. Upon comparison, there is a slight difference in position, though clearance and centering were fine. What are the significant differences about the positions of the caliper?



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32 minutes ago, MaderaMark said:

What are the significant differences about the positions of the caliper?

The key thing is making sure the caliper is 'correctly' positioned over the rotor. By this I mean that the pads fully contact the rotor and do not 'overlap' it wherever possible. Any over lap means less pad on the rotor and therefore less hold / bite. Using the incorrect mount can also angle the calliper so the pads are not in line with the curvature of the rotor which will also lead to poor braking (trying to use a front specific mount on the rear for example or using loads of spacers to up the compatible rotor size you can use).

The mounts you have look fine, forged mounts are generally stronger than CNC ones so the Shimano will be good, I don't know anything about the Formula so can't comment. Landing backwards heavily on the rear brake puts a lot of stress through calipers, frames, mounts and rotors so it's something to be avoided if possible to prolong the life of everything.

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about the pads, contacts and position, all were very much the same. And the same tiny spacers were used for enough rotor to caliper clearance. 

Pictures maybe not in perfect angle but i would say the same area, only that the caliper position is more forward with shimano adapter. Hope, other Shimano and taiwan adapters have snapped on me  before. The Formula haven't so far, but curious on this type from shimano.



download (14).jpg

adapter (2).jpg

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All the snapped mounts (apart from the Hope one which looks as though it's a fault with the mount rather than just ride induced damage) look like they've suffered from landing to rear. Fortunately the Formula mount looks properly beefy so I doubt you'll have any issues with that breaking but bear in mind that the stress of landing backwards onto the rear brake has to go somewhere and if the mount doesn't fail something else might so it's best to avoid this move if you can or become very smooth / accept that you're going to break stuff occasionally! Might be best to take a leaf out of @aener's book if you're a serial Fakie lander and learn to land to backwards using the drive to take some of the strain.



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