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Most I’m guessing will have seen this page on Instagram already but if not here you go:


I’ve collected, purchased, acquired a range of retro trials frames. I am still looking to add more as compared to others collection some I don’t have. 

Mixed plans on restoring them. It’s difficult to to do the right thing give them the correct justice. 

Do plan to try and do a build on each and document that. Most likely a transfer of kit build to build as can’t build them all. 

Anyway let me know what you think and if you know of something fitting that’s going defo tell me. 


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1 hour ago, La Bourde said:

I don't have instagram but the few I can see look already amazing!

Would like to see you whole collection for sure.


Do you have an Exploziv Zon'up? A Sunn Xircuit Maxx Trial? 

Sadly I don’t have them. A Sunn would be an ideal item to add. you should be able to view it all without needing to have an account/profile. 

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