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A very old clip of me Full send! (Plus a request to the old schoolers..)


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So as some of you may know, I was riding trials back around 2002 - 2008 Then sort of dabbled in and out with a BMX and a couple of 24" street bikes. I was never

In that time I only ever made a couple of videos, I think one was on an Ashton Et and one was on a Leeson 609.

Im wondering does anyone have these videos gathering digital dust somewhere in the quiet halls of an old hard drive perhaps?

I lost all pictures and videos of me riding years ago and haven't seen these videos for a very long time.

Ive been feeling a bit nostalgic.. All I could find was this short clip of me bailing on a bunnyhop gap! ( I do land this in one of those videos!)


Any help would be appreciated!





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I know.. Young and springy back then! 

Im really not sure what the video files would be saved as.. I vaguely remember calling one of them something like 'Lickle videooo' Or something equally daft.

Thing is when you edit videos (or at least when I did all those years ago!) you end up saving and exporting a fare few to see how it all looks, so you save each one with a different name so the final one could of been called anything from ' Yes_finally_finished!!1!11!' to 'me.vid' :laugh:

the riding in them really wasn't that great by todays standards and probably wasn't even footage of my best ever riding overall, but back then no one had camera phones etc and filming wasn't something you did everyday! I think one of them was made on a digital camera that took AA's!!! LOL

Would be cool to see it anyway. 

If I remember rightly the songs were 'Break the glass' by taproot and 'aint talkin bout love' Van Halen..





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